Welcome To The Luxury Homes Group


These are common problems that we all may come to encounter at one point or another. What can you do if you come across a setback? Do you really want to list your home and consequently then wait months or even years for the right buyer to come along? Do you honestly want to depend on a loan committee to approve your buyer and then turn around and decline them causing you to have to start all over?

It doesn't need to be this way!

We specialize in working with people who want or need to sell, but do not want to wait for months or even years to list, market, sell and close on their home. If this describes you, then you will be pleased to find that our service is prompt, courteous and efficient.

You can avoid the hassles and months of waiting!

If you are  like most people who are selling their homes, then you have high hopes when preparing to sell. Your home is immaculate, everything is in its place, and therefore you anticipate a fast quick sale. Conventional wisdom has told you; my home is in good, clean condition...It should sell fast!

Six months may go by and your listing expires. Your house has now become a liability, or a no profit burden.

If you have already gone through this or a similar scenario, you have probably already discovered that it can be more of a hassle than you ever thought possible. And if you have not yet come to learn this, you soon will.

Most realtors know that the higher-end market is not as active and lucrative as it once was and that buyers with financial resources are even fewer and far between.

The Truth is...Most realtors have limited access to marketing services!

It’s not always their fault…luxury houses don’t sell for a lack of buyers, they don’t sell because a lack of marketing.

Agents don't learn much about marketing in Realtor school and it really isn't fair to them. It’s like going to school to be a dentist and never seeing a tooth. Effective marketing is the secret to moving luxury properties.

The reason lies solely within the concept of many realtors businesses. In many cases (not all, there are some fantastic agents out there) it makes more economic sense for an agent to continually look for new listings, rather than spend all of their time simply trying to sell one customer's house - your house.. Based on this criteria, most realtors are merely looking to build a large portfolio of listings, and once your listing is secured very little effort will be invested into actually selling your listing - your house. The attention seems to be re-directed to obtaining more and more listings. Whether you know it or not, the name of the game, as a realtor, is VOLUME and that is usually why it takes so long to sell your house.

Another reason is that most realtors do not have the "cutting edge" marketing expertise needed in today's economic climate. Their limited financial resources, which are allocated to marketing, can not and will not create enough exposure to provide access to larger markets of potential buyers. So in the end, your house does not sell.

We are called "The Luxury Homes Group". This is an International Luxury House-buying organization, comprised of affiliates throughout the world.

Our affiliates work as a nationwide professional team to provide top-notch service to our clients like you!

Our marketing is global and therefore your house sells!

Your home will gain access, not only to the whole North America luxury home buyer market, but also to an international audience of high-end, luxury property buyers. Our potential buyers are interested in luxury real estate and have the financial resources to purchase property today. This allows us to buy and sell homes just like yours, very quickly.

As you have already noticed, we are not realtors. We are buyers who have money in hand and are ready to buy your home. And that my friend, makes all the difference in the world. We are not out to list your house, we are out to buy it, painlessly, and within 30 days!

Can we really buy your house that quickly?

Yes, we're ready to buy your house today! We are empowered with global capital and that simply means that we can finalize the sale of your house in a minimum time of just a few weeks ----if necessary.

A lot of it, however, will depend on one person, YOU! If you're looking to get an above market price for your home, one that is considered "full market value", or you're just looking to "save a real estate commission" then we are probably not the company for you!

But if you want to sell your home quickly, without any hassles, we are your solution. Why wait months or even years to sell your home if you don't have to?

REMEMBER: We buy homes and we buy them quickly. This saves you, the homeowner, numerous hassles and a great deal of money. And even THOUGH the price may not be a full market price you will still come out ahead of the game. You'll save on taxes, insurance, payments, headaches, and most of all you will have peace of mind.

Can you wait months or even years to sell your home???

Do you want to go through all of the hassles associated with the conservative selling process?